Sunday, September 17, 2006

Aauin Occupied territories of W.SAHARA

El Aaiun (occupied territories), 14/09/2006 The Moroccan colonial court of appeal in the occupied capital of the Saharawi Republic, El Aaiun, reduced on Monday the sentences of imprisonment of the Saharawi political prisoners, Torqui Ali and Laaraibi Mohamed Ali, to one month, after they were sentenced two months imprisonment by the Moroccan colonial court of first instance last August, concordant sources reported.The two Saharawi political prisoners were released Monday after they spent a month in the notorious Carcel Negra in the occupied El Aaiun, the same sources said.
Mr. Torqui Ali and Mr. Laaraibi Mohamed Ali, were arrested for having participated to demonstrations advocating the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination, and were tortured before they were transferred to the Carcel Negra last August the 15th, it should be recalled.On another hand, the Moroccan colonial authorities postponed to September the 19th the trial of 8 Saharawi political prisoners, incarcerated in the local prison of Inzegan.The concerned political prisoner are: Bouregaa Omar, Banga Cheikh, Lefkir Lehsen, Najiaa Bachir, Waissi Elkharchi, Elmansouri Driss, Tamek Mohamed, Kajout Brahim, who are maintained undr detention without judgment since they were arrested last April, it should be recalled. (SPS)020/090/110/TRD 141220 Sept 06 SPS

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